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Our Approach

We offer a wide range of services, based on the idea of function first. With each project, we identify the specific design needs and develop a plan to bring it into reality.


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Space Planning

Using 3D modeling programs, we build floor plans to help our clients understand how to best use their space. Project needs may include ideas for moving into a new office, reworking existing furniture, or designing a more efficient desk layout.


Brand Experience

We translate your brand identity into tangible design concepts that can be used throughout your space. Using a range of applications, we come up with authentic ideas to show both your guests and employees who you are.


Furniture Selection

Whether starting from scratch or updating your existing furniture, we know how to tie it all together. To help you make smart decisions we regularly walk showrooms to ensure quality and value.


Custom Fabrication

We have an extensive network of local makers, ready to collaborate on something unique. The challenge of working with different formats and materials is inspiring. If you can dream it, we can build it.



Even well designed offices need a system to stay organized. We create new methods to help companies manage internal changes and growth efficiently.


Interior Styling

Rugs really do tie the room together. So do plants, art and vintage decor. We add in these details to make your space more dynamic and welcoming.



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