For their first office, Patreon needed a full-service design team to outfit a newly renovated space by IwamotoScott Architecture. Unlike other clients, the focus here was to provide comfortable and fluid spaces for the creative community and patrons alike. We included flexible areas for meetings, lounges with instruments, all-hands dining, and even a recording studio decked out with a repurposed spaceship set from an old music video. The cherry on top? A drum kit in the reception area.

Wall + Window Coverings
Martin Sign Co.

Crooked Nest

Evan Davis



To honor the company’s mission, we decided to design gallery walls curated with work from artists already using the Patreon platform. We received a variety of pieces from over 50 creators, and for some this was their first commission!

We selected a few pieces to be focal points in the office and worked with Martin Sign Co. on the oversized wall installations. The monster in the dining area was originally a 4" drawing which was scaled up to be printed on plywood.