Hannah was recommend to us as a reliable and talented young designer. After one meeting, she quickly put together an impressive, well organized proposal that included a kitchen, lounge and several meeting rooms. She got the job done in time and within our budget. She brought in a team of hardworking, creative people who put together the furniture over one weekend. It ended up being exactly what we wanted! I would gladly recommend her work to any interested party.

- Dan Scholnick,
 Trinity Ventures

Both extremely creative and professional, Hannah and her team did an incredible job designing Shyp's space and executing on their vision. Visitors often give us compliments on how great everything looks and it's all thanks to them. I will absolutely use Hannah again to design my spaces in the future!

- Joshua Scott,

Swell Spaces does fantastic work. Swell Spaces and its owner, Hannah Ruskin, designed a beautiful 10,000 square foot office for my company and a revolving army of subtenants. Hannah and her team know how to create gorgeous, simple, open and functional spaces that are useful for work, relaxation, business meetings, and casual conversations. Her whole team is a pleasure to deal with: they're all professional, personable, and down to earth.

Hannah selects high quality products that hold up for the long haul. Swell Spaces isn't slapping something together that's meant only for a photo shoot. Over the last 2 1/2 years, swarms of (less than tidy) coworkers, subtenants, visitors, and passing lunatics have worked, lived, or wandered through the office. But it was designed to last, and is as beautiful, comfortable, and functional a space as it was the day Hannah unveiled her work. I know who I'll hire to design my next office.

- Jesse Goodman,

I met Hannah through her work at StackMob, and after meeting her knew that I would love to work with her given the opportunity. When I opened the new CoreOS office, we immediately brought Swell Spaces in to get their read and their ideas on what to do with the space, and how to maximize the potential of our new home. Hannah and Carly were incredibly personable, creative and open- minded. They were mindful of our budget, our ideas, and our brand, providing a blank canvas upon which we could put our identity.I would recommend working with Swell Spaces for any interior design and space planning needs you might have. It was a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to partnering with them in the future!

- Michelle Rapp,

Hannah and the Swell Spaces team were great to work with. We wanted our office to embody our mission of empowering small local businesses under a deadline and a budget. Hannah worked with us to find the right look that met those requirements while taking full advantage of our very open space. Now we have a fun, inspiring place (with swings!) to work, with great pieces that tell the stories of our members.

- Miwa Ikemiya, Townsquared


I really can't possibly imagine a better experience working with a designer. Hannah and team (Carly, Mara, Matthew) went beyond and above to give my firm the most gorgeous office that fits our personality. 

I was actually bummed out at the end of install week because being in office with them was so fun. 

When problems arose, for example a West Elm employee walking off the job and forgetting half our order, the team worked quickly to figure out a solution and the furniture was in as quickly as possible. Hire Swell Spaces and get a beautiful office that inspires you!!

- Kat Dawe,
 SoftTech VC

I met Hannah at Dolores Lab's launch party. She recently finished designing their office and I was very impressed. My company, StackMob, had recently acquired a new office space and we were in the market for an interior designer.

We hired Swell Spaces and I couldn’t be happier with the work that they did for us. Hannah came in at the last minute and created a space where we could work and have fun. She brought in a great team, with a great sense of humor. It was exactly what we wanted and more! I highly recommend Swell Spaces and would gladly share my experience with anyone.

- Ty Amell,

Hannah helped bring our vision for the optimal work space to life. The mixed warehouse/office space posed challenges for our design aspirations, but Hannah navigated through them while staying within our budget. Can you ask for more? 

Thanks for being awesome, Hannah!

- Andrew Wyatt,

This is the second time I've had the pleasure to work with Hannah and her team on a new office. Once again the results were incredible. Every person who walks into our office compliments me on the space. Swell Spaces is like my secret weapon for office design.

The entire Swell Spaces team is great to work with. Beyond just picking out some nice furniture, the team integrated custom made pieces and genuinely worked to understand both our brand and how we wanted to use the space. If you're building out a new office, or looking to refresh your current space, I highly recommend working with Swell Spaces.

- Jessie Miller,