While searching the web for DIY table ideas, I stumbled upon the Bay Area’s own Scorpion Sisters. Check out their Wooden Torque Table and Tillandsia Window! These ladies use reclaimed, vintage, and up-cycled materials to create one of a kind furniture pieces, beautiful artwork and drop dead gorgeous jewelry. They’re using all my favorite materials like wood, metal and plants and I love their overall aesthetic: It’s at once green, modern, rustic and very San Francisco.

The narrow table features two different legs, one of up-cyled metal and one old 4×4. I think this table would be great in an entrance or foyer – it’d be a perfect place to keep your keys and mail. You could even store your shoes underneath! The Tillandsia Window is a lovely and unobtrusive way display tillandsia, an epiphytic bromeliad that’s become quite popular recently. Keeping them happy is a cinch – just take the window outdoors and give them all a good spritz.